TekDeals is a division of Total Technology Results. Our headquarters are here, in San Marcos, California. We offer the best prices on the market for all our electronics. What you see in house is a sample of our broad inventory. Our e-commerce channels have a larger inventory than what is shown here, check out TekDeals on eBay, Amazon, and NewEgg.

TekDeals is doing its part to save the environment by giving second hand computers a second life. Our laptops and desktops are refurbished in house. Every laptop and desktop is carefully inspected by trained professionals and updated when neccessery to ensure each unit is fully functional. We research the specifications of every model listed to create the best shopping experience possible.


“Grateful for these few items that make my vision into a reality. Thanks @tekdeals.usa for the amazing deals and for making things right in the clutch. Thank you God for making this into a passion I enjoy very much! Now time to put in work.”

- @jrokkphotography